About the company



About the company

In 1997 we discovered the potential offered by the properties of natural building panels made from pressed straw. The history of producing and using straw panels dates back to the middle of the last century, when straw panels were widely used in Great Britain to restore houses destroyed in the war. Nowadays, there are thousands of ecological prefabricated wooden buildings made using straw in Great Britain.
Based on the tried-and-tested technology used by the English company Stramit we started to develop modern technology with the aim of producing a high-quality construction product with the highest specifications to meet the requirements of modern-day building work.

In 1999 we established the family firm EKOPANELY, which was the first in Europe to start producing this ecological and energy-saving material. After 15 successful years we are still working to increase the quality of our production and the range of ways in which our products and solutions can be used is continuing to expand and appeal to more and more customers. Our products have won a number of quality awards, including the Gold Award of the Czech Construction Academy for a construction product in 2008 and the Czech Chamber of Commerce Czech Patron prize in 2012.

Our team is ready to help you with whatever your needs, from reconstructing building partitions to designing and building your turnkey house. We are the only company to guarantee the quality of its annual production volume of 100,000 m2 of our building panels, from the careful selection of high-quality straw to the installation of the house walls that will keep your home warm.


Our mission

We contribute to the quality of living of our customers by providing them with our modern, 100% natural, energy saving and affordable building materials and smart solutions for their applications. From partition walls to a complete houses.


We have a clear aim and vision

1. Ekopanely board construction material

The Ekopanely boards availability and its use across Europe


2. Buildings

We design, plan and build modern low-energy wooden house in every country in the EU.


3. Expansion of production plants

To become a world leader in straw panels production and in technology of straw panels


Our values

Quality and continuous improvement

Our main priority is to achieve the highest quality of our products, we are constantly striving to improve our technological production processes and to develop our products and solutions. We support interesting ideas which move our company and our customers forward.


Focus on the customer

We treat our customers as partners, who we strive to listen to and assist in order to help them succeed. We offer expertise (know-how) and practical and smart solutions. We always act with trust, respect and decency. We keep our promises.


We are a team

We place emphasis on teamwork. We support initiative and responsibility for results.


Sustainable development

We put lasting sustainable growth before quick success. When developing our technology, products and applications, our priority is the health and safety of our employees and customers. While we also focus on protecting of our environment.