Ekopanely boards


What are Ekopanely boards?

Ekopanely boards are ecological and vapour permeable construction panels. They are pressed at high temperatures and under high pressure to create a core of compressed straw using no bonding agents and enclosed using recycled cardboard. Ekopanely boards are 100% natural, fully recyclable building material suitable as a permanent part of a building.

Advantages of Ekopanely boards

  • low operating costs due to thermal insulation and high heat accumulation
  • quick and easy to install
  • 100% ecological
  • sound insulation
  • mechanically durable
  • can be used to construct complete turnkey wooden buildings or DIY houses

Low investment and operating costs

The growing interest in low-energy, passive and zero houses is particularly due to their low operating costs. Our universal construction material – the Ekopanely board – also means that the building is economical due to the low cost of the material and easy and quick installation. All while maintaining precision and quality.

Healthy and modern housing

An important requirement for today’s modern housing is the use of natural materials, which create a healthy environment for users and are also environmentally friendly. Vapour permeable construction material allows vaporous water pass through, which prevents creating damp environment  and occurrence of  mould  inside the structure. These properties have a beneficial effect on the micro-climate for the inhabitants of passive houses.

Wide range of uses

Ekopanely boards are suitable for new buildings, reconstructions, extensions and loft conversions. This versatile panel system can be used to build self-supporting partition walls, ceilings, interior and exterior wall cladding. Ekopanely boards are used as sound insulation in floors and over-rafter insulation in attics. The panel system guarantees fast installation and easy board assembling  assures that all work is precise and high quality.

If you want to save on heating, quickly and easily build a wooden house and live in a healthy environment, EKOPANELY BOARDS are the ideal solution for you.