House construction


Complete house-building services

If you want to live in a pleasant, comfortable and healthy home that is friendly to the surrounding environment and to your wallet, we offer complete house-building services, including designs for individual projects.


Healthy and modern housing

We see healthy and modern housing as ecological housing that does not damage nature and it is considerate to the environment and to local people.

Preparing a project is about the layout, the proper placement of the wooden building on the land, and designing the various structures and details. It is also important to give proper consideration to choosing the energy to be used in the house, especially for heating and preparing water – as part of our philosophy we strive to use alternative sources of energy.


Natural materials

It is essential to choose natural construction materials for ecological housing in a prefabricated economical home. Ekopanely boards are produced from straw with no additional bonding agents or chemical additives used. Ekopanely boards are pressed to the desired thickness at high pressure and temperatures, destroying any mould spores. This makes the Ekopanely board completely natural and hygienic building material. We use Ekopanely boards together with other natural materials (wood, linen thermal insulation, clay plaster, etc.). The materials used in our wooden buildings emit no harmful SOx (sulphur dioxides) or COx (carbon dioxides). The vapour permeability of the natural materials has a positive effect on the climate inside a building, preventing water vapour from condensing in the structure and helps to regulate humidity. At higher humidity level the Ekopanely board is able to absorb excess humidity with no volume changes. However, if humidity levels fall (e.g. in winter), the Ekopanely board is able to restore humidity to the room, balancing out the indoor humidity climate, to keep it nice and comfortable for the residents.


Low investment and operating costs

Are you interested in more than just investment costs, such as how much your home will cost to run during the year? Ekopanely board has excellent thermal insulation properties and high heat accumulation. Low-energy wooden buildings from Ekopanely boards need less energy on heating, which lower their operating costs.


Easy installation

The Ekopanely board panel system ensures fast and easy installation of the dry process when building a turnkey or DIY house. The strength and mechanical durability of the panels allows building self-supporting partition walls. Ekopanely boards are easy to work with, they can be supplied to the desired length and they are easily installed, this properties saves you time and money.


100% ecological building

The entire building process, from the production of the building materials to their eventual disposal destruction, is environmentally-friendly. The production of Ekopanely boards is energy-efficient, needing approximately 2.5 kW per 1 m². Disposing of a house made from Ekopanely boards is also an environmentally-friendly process. Ekopanely boards are fully recyclable. Wooden buildings made from the panel system can easily be dismantled and disposed of in parts. After removing the surface finish, Ekopanely boards can even be composted.

We offer comprehensive services

  • Technical consultation, including installation training
  • Building design

Construction of houses and wooden buildings in the Ekopanely board system from rough constructions to the comprehensive supply of turnkey buildings.