Building design


Are you considering a building made from eco-panels?

We offer complete project documentation for customers who want to build or renovate a house using the Ekopanely board system, either as a turnkey prefabricated wooden building or as a DIY house.

We specialise in our Ekopanely board system. This means, that when planning, we are able to avoid any potential problems that could arise on your site which could extend the construction time or increase the price.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the building preparatory works, from consultation and the design, to energy rating, etc.

We will be happy to provide you with information about the costs of design work and other details.

Contact our designers:

Bc. Anna Večeřová
tel: +420 736 481 162

Ing. Irena Šímová
tel: +420 773 796 963


Projektování staveb