Houses built from the Ekopanely boards


Complete house-building services

If you would like to live in a pleasant, comfortable and healthy home that is friendly to the surrounding environment and to your wallet, we offer complete house-building services, including designs for individual projects.


Ekopanely boards and low-energy wooden buildings

Ekopanely boards have excellent heat-accumulation properties, which we take advantage of in low-energy and passive houses. Heat accumulation works in your favour in summer and in winter. In summer it prevents overheating while in winter it stops the house getting too cold.

When building a house, Ekopanely boards are used in sandwich wall structures. They are also used for partition walls, either single or double (including installation partitions for electrical wiring, or water mains and sanitation), as well as  pitched ceilings (suitable for air-conditioning systems) and dry floors. They are suitable not only for new family homes and wooden buildings, but also for building renovations, loft conversions, lowering pitched ceilings, and much more.


Ekopanely boards and passive wooden buildings or zero houses

Ekopanely boards are also suitable for use in all types of energy-saving buildings. In energy-saving houses eco-panels can be used for all types of structure.

When constructing a building, it is essential to have a well-designed plan that assumes the use of Ekopanely boards. In these energy-saving houses you are sure to appreciate straw eko-panel’s ability to accumulate heat which radiates back into the room from the walls and the ceiling. This property increases thermal comfort inside the building. When building houses using Ekopanely boards, it is important to ensure that the walls are airtight.  This helps the air-conditioning to run properly which is a prerequisite for passive and zero houses.

Domy z ekopanelu

Turnkey home

We offer complete delivery, from your initial idea to the handover of the completed house that is ready to use and to move in.

In this option, we can design your home including the project documentation, suggest material and interior fixtures all based on your needs. Cooperation involves regular consultations, where we prepare the draft based on your wishes and we set the plans precisely in line with your requirements. Our experience, our effective coordination between our preparation and implementation teams, and partnership with proven companies ensure that your home is constructed quickly and to a very high standard.

When having a turnkey home built, as the client you can be sure of maximum comfort and convenience during the building process.


Construction prior to completion option

If you would like to finalize the house yourself, we offer the option of constructions prior to completion. In this variant we handle the design, preparation and much of the construction of the prefabricated house. We build the foundations, the supporting structure and cladding, the roof, all the inner structures (partition walls, pitched ceilings, floors), the technical distribution systems (electrical wiring, heating, water mains, drainage system). We also take care of the interior and exterior surface finishes. The building will be handed over to you without wall decoration paints, final floor surfaces, interior doors, kitchen installations and electrical elements, such as sockets, switches and lights. You can then complete the interior installations and furnish your home to your own preference and taste.


DIY Home

Would you like to do-it-yourself? Ekopanely boards are the ideal material for low-energy wooden buildings up to 150m² of built-up area. It is very important to build the supporting structure properly so we do this part of the work ourselves, as the supporting structure is the key element to a well-built house. Our experienced and professional team is able to build a proper supporting structure to make it straight forward to fit other building applications.

All other parts of the house like the foundation plate, the roof, the structure cladding with Ekopanely boards, the surface finishes and fixtures can be done DIY. It is of course essential to follow all the recommended installation procedures, which we will show you in our training course, where you will find out everything you need to know about installation, application and building a house using the eko-panel system. As a service to our customers we also offer inspections directly on your building site by a competent person.


Other things our company can supply

  • We can prepare a detailed project to suit your wishes.
  • When laying the foundation plate yourself, we can provide consultation or construction supervision.
  • We can help you fit the first row of Ekopanely boards, advise you based on our practical experience, and offer tips for easy and efficient installation
  • We can supply natural insulation material (e.g. Naturizol, Naporo, etc.) to suit your needs and requirements.
  • We can recommend a certified window supplier.
  • We can advise you about suitable surface finishes.


Comparison of options offered by different variants

documentation for building X X X
foundations incl. excavations X X ?
wall supporting structure X X X
roof (supporting structure, covering) X X ?
chimney X X ?
exterior wall cladding X X ?
windows, front door X X ?
exterior wall insulation X X ?
interior wall cladding X X ?
partition walls X X ?
pithced ceilings incl. thermal insulation X X ?
rough floors X X ?
stairs X X ?
electrical wiring X X ?
water mains X X ?
drainage system X X ?
heating X X ?
plumbing elements X X ?
interior surface finishes X X ?
floor coverings X 0 ?
fixtures and installation X 0 ?
interior doors X 0 ?
kitchen range X 0 ?
facade X X ?
garage door X X ?


X … Performed by our company EKOPANELY SERVIS s.r.o.

0 … Not performed by our company EKOPANELY SERVIS s.r.o.

? … Can be performed by our company or DIY