Tips and guides


The “Tips and Guides” section is focused on people who are interested in active work with eco-panels. In the “FAQ” section you can find answers to frequently asked questions from our customers. Make sure you read the installation procedures, where you can learn how to work with Ekopanely boards, which installation material is the most suitable and what procedures should be followed when applying surface finishes or insulation materials.


You can use Ekopanely boards to build a house yourself

Ecological prefabricated houses and their DIY buildings are very popular. However, don’t forget to read all the information we have prepared in the “Installation procedures” section. You can find out the best way to work with Ekopanely boards, what tools and material you will need, and what work procedures you should follow when applying surface finishes or working with insulation materials.

In the “Download” you can find further information that could be of your interest.