Surface finishes


There are no limitations on surface finishes for Ekopanely boards

However, careful attention needs to be paid to the choice of material for surface finishes. You should start by selecting suitable preparations. If you choose a manufacturer other than the ones we recommend, carefully read all the available information about the preparations you have opted for or contact the manufacturer’s specialised consultant directly. He should be able to choose suitable equivalents for the surface finish systems we recommend.


Povrchová úprava ekopanelů


Common surface finishes:

Interior thin layer of plaster

The standard and most common form of surface finish. A flexible adhesive reinforced with fiberglass mesh (gauze) is applied on the penetrated surface of the Ekopanely board and the prepared seams between the individual Ekopanely boards. Plaster, tiling, etc. can be applied directly onto this surface. We will be happy to provide you with more information over the phone or via e-mail, using the contact details provided.

Exterior thin layer of plaster

The priority with exterior surface finishes is properly preparing the surface, the quality of the work, and especially the performance of the materials. For our system we recommend the Jubizol Diffu Exteriér system, for example.


For the base layer for tiling we use penetration, on which we apply a thin layer of adhesive reinforced with fiberglass mesh (gauze).

Glass textile wall covering

All that is needed to prepare the surface is to cover seams and of course apply penetration.

Sprayed finishes

As with wallpapers, you just need to apply plaster sealer and fill the seams between the Ekopanely boards using gauze. What happens next depends on the type of spray coating.

Clay plasters

Clay plasters are becoming more and more popular with our customers. For this surface finish, follow the instructions of the manufacturer we recommend.

Cladding with plasterboard panels

This is another way of modifying Ekopanely boards. A plasterboard panel can be securely attached to the straw core of the Ekopanely board using suitable length plasterboard screws .

Wood cladding

This type of surface is also simple. Just prepare a suitable grid for anchoring the individual planks.