Ekopanely boards

Ekopanely boards

The Ekopanely board is an ecological building board. It is pressed from cereal straw under high pressure at high temperature without the use of any binders. It is coated with recycled cardboard. The Ekopanely board is a 100% natural, fully recyclable and strong building material that can be installed permanently in buildings.

Only 2% of the Ekopanely board is made up of cardboard. High-quality cardboard protects the straw from getting wet and simplifies its subsequent processing.

The core of the Ekopanely board makes up 95% of the board. It is pressed from cereal straw under high pressure and at a high temperature without any additional binders or coatings.

We use a very small amount of adhesive (which makes up only 3% of the surface of the Ekopanely board) to apply the cardboard to the surface of the Ekopanely board. Even so, Ekopanely boards are 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable.


Ekopanely boards are 100% natural, ecological and durable building boards

The Ekopanely board is the ecological building material of the future. It can be used instead of bricks, plasterboard or even chipboard. Where can this 100% natural material be used? It is used for the interior cladding of wooden buildings, for partitions, built-ins, suspended ceilings, cladding and as recessed form work. Thanks to the displaced air, Ekopanely boards are virtually incombustible. Ekopanely boards are produced in two thicknesses: 58 mm with a width of 1200 mm and 38 mm with a width of 800 mm. The surface weight is 19.8 – 26.4 kg/m2.

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About ekopanely boards

We produce 2 types of Ekopanely boards

Ekopanely board E40/800

Uncoated building board with a thickness of 40 mm, a width of 800 mm and a length of 1200-3200 mm.

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Ekopanely board E60/1200

Uncoated building board with a thickness of 60 mm, a width of 1200 mm and a length of 1200-3200 mm.

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Six reasons why to use Ekopanely boards in your building

Ekopanely boards are 100% natural, environmentally degradable building material and have many advantages. Here are the most significant ones:


An Ekopanely board is 6 times stronger than an interior door and can withstand up to 75 kg per screw.

The impact force required to break through a door is 30J and an Ekopanely board can withstand an impact of 180J without breaking. Thanks to its dense core, cabinets, radiators, railings and wiring can be anchored and hung onto an Ekopanely board.

Perfectly insulates, accumulates heat and reduces heating/cooling costs.

In summer, wooden buildings cool down overnight and remain cool until the evening. In winter, they warm up during the day thanks to the heating system and retain heat until the evening. Ekopanely boards contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

Uninterrupted life without any outdoor noises.

Straw boasts excellent soundproofing properties and therefore Ekopanely boards let you live a healthy life without having to listen to what is going on outside. The EKO 2 partition has sound insulation 52 dB and thanks to this you will sleep like a log.


Reduce your purchase and construction costs.

With Ekopanely boards, you will save a lot of money and time and spare your nerves because we are always ready to manufacture them for you, they are not costly and they are easy to instal. Ekopanely boards will keep saving you money all your life.

The straw core stops combustion and is free of chemicals that promote combustion.

Thanks to the density of the core and the displaced air, natural-based Ekopanely boards are virtually non-flammable and completely safe.

Ekopanely boards are an environmentally friendly and 100% natural material that protects the environment.

Ekopanely boards are 100% recyclable and can be composted when the house is demolished. Ekopanely boards and their production are in harmony with nature.


Tests, certificates and reports from renowned testing institutes


Use Ekopanely boards whenever and wherever you need a quick and easy fix


Partitions made out of Ekopanely boards are a great idea when it comes to renovating or building a house. Thanks to their high durability and strength, no load-bearing partition construction is necessary.

Suspended ceilings and loft conversions

Quick and easy installation using basic tools. Ekopanely boards promote heat accumulation and have excellent insulation.

Perimeter wall construction

Thanks to simple anchoring and connecting, Ekopanely boards guarantee easy and fast construction. Their excellent thermal insulation properties help cover thermal bridges.


Quick, easy and cost-effective floor installation that lets you walk on your floors immediately.

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Ordering Ekopanely boards is easy

Consultation and calculation

First we will talk about your building and any specific requirements you may have. We will then help you calculate how many Ekopanely boards you need and answer any questions you may have.


Creating an order

We then create an order. Together we will set the date, delivery location and the quantity. The length of each Ekopanely board will also be put in the order.



We then proceed to manufacturing your Ekopanely boards. Ekopanely boards are produced on 1 of 2 automated lines, where every stage of the manufacturing process is under strict quality control.


Delivery to site

We will contact you shortly before the scheduled date of delivery to confirm delivery details. We will then deliver the Ekopanely boards to the place of delivery on the appointed day and time.


System solutions for all types of buildings

Ekopanely boards are a system solution and have particular features, purposes and specifics and certain technological procedures must be followed.


We are happy to share our experience and know-how with you

Since we have been manufacturing and using Ekopanely boards for over 20 years, we know everything from A to Z. To help you get the job done properly, we’re only too happy to share this experience with you in the “Tips and Instructions” section.


The most frequently asked questions and answers about Ekopanely boards, their use and other topics.

Installation procedures

Using Ekopanely boards requires that you follow a few simple and logical guidelines. We have put them down for you.

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