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We are a family-owned business and we are the only company in Europe that has been manufacturing Ekopanely boards since 1999. We supply Ekopanely boards worldwide. Check out our story and how Ekopanely boards came into existence.

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More than 20 years of genuine Czech production

We are a Czech family-owned business and the only company in Europe to manufacture Ekopanely boards. We have been perfecting the manufacturing process for over 20 years in order to achieve the best possible quality and properties in our Ekopanely boards. We do our job with integrity and we use only the finest cereal straw either from our own fields or from local and proven farmers. Our manufacturing plant is located in Jedousov and we run two automated production lines. Thanks to its excellent properties, the Ekopanely board brand is used extensively in the Czech Republic and in 48 countries around the world.

In the Czech Republic, we not only produce and manufacture building materials, we also actively use them in the construction and reconstruction of residential, commercial, warehouse and manufacturing buildings.


The Ekopanely board story step by step


The story of how Czech Ekopanely boards came to life begins. We developed our first production line in step with Stramit board manufacturing technology.


After fine-tuning our manufacturing technology, we established EKOPANELY CZ s.r.o. and started the commercial production of Ekopanely boards on our own production line.


Our Construction Division is thriving and growing very quickly. We built the first wooden building completely out of Ekopanely boards - a family house in Chvaletice.


To meet customer needs, we started a second production line for 800 mm Ekopanely boards and we established EKOPANELY SERVIS s.r.o.


The 100th ecological family house made of Ekopanely boards in the Czech Republic was built.


We were awarded the Golden Award for Construction Product - Technology of the Year 2008 by the Czech Building Academy for our Ekopanely boards.


We developed and commissioned a second generation production line for 1200 mm Ekopanely boards.


We developed and commissioned a unique straw press that ensures an intact straw structure.


We were awarded the Czech Patron Bronze Award by the Czech Chamber of Commerce for a product that led to environmental improvement and substantial savings in energy and materials.


We developed and supplied parts of pelletizing line disassemblers to Serbia.


We completed the development of the production of 38 mm Ekopanely boards.


Major modernization of the 1200 mm production line in the Jedousov manufacturing facility. Incorporation of a new press concept.


Kicked-off a development project for the construction of family houses in Klešice.


Currently, we manufacture Ekopanely boards on 2 production lines in our production plant in Jedousov and we do construction work all over the Czech Republic.


A sample of our work and Ekopanely boards in practice

In the village of Mnichovice near Prague started in Septeber 2015 the construction of one-storey house with an attic using ...
In Niederalm near Salzburg Ekopanely boards were used to build a new block of flats. The supporting structure of the ...
One of the biggest project with ekopanely boards is hotel Stará Zvonica in Nízké Tatry – Slovakia. Ekopanely boards are ...
Holiday cottage made of Ekopanely building system on Berounka river bank in Černošice near Prague is a combination of timber ...


What drives us

Long-term customer satisfaction is what drives us. Our unwavering mission and vision is to maintain high-quality products and services.

Our mission

We strive to provide our customers with modern, 100% natural, energy-efficient and affordable building materials and related smart solutions. We can install a partition, provide a turnkey house or procure DIY house constructions.

Our vision

Ekopanely boards building material
Ekopanely boards will be represented and installed in all European countries.

We design, engineer and build efficient, modern, low-energy, passive and zero-energy timber buildings in every EU Member State.

Expansion of manufacturing plants
We will become a world leader in modern strawboard technology.

Our values

Quality and on-going improvement

We continuously strive to improve our technological manufacturing processes and to develop our products and solutions.

Our customers are our long-term partners

We treat our customers as partners. We listen to them and contribute to their success.

We are a team

Teamwork is vital to us. We encourage initiative and accountability for results.

Sustainable development

We put sustainable growth before rapid success. When it comes to developing our technologies, products and smart applications, and operating our lines, the health of our employees and that of our customers comes first. Environmental protection is also very important to us.


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