Working procedures

Working procedures

See how to follow the correct working procedures. This is a brief and concise guide that will ensure you always know how to work with Ekopanely boards without damaging and wasting material.

Partition walls

  1. Alignment
    Mark out the position of your partition wall on the floor, walls or the ceiling, including opening for the door.
  2. Wooden beam placement
    All partition walls should be placed on a wooden beam anchored to the foundation.
  3. Installation
    The first method for building partition walls uses UNI wall clips, which are screwed onto the wooden beam, the wall and the ceiling. The Ekopanely board is then inserted and anchored to the clips. Next Ekopanely boards are anchored in the same way.

    The second method for building partition walls uses EP 5x100mm wood screws. The Ekopanely board is placed onto the marked-out area and is then anchored onto the wooden beam, the wall and the ceiling always using pairs of screws in a cross formation. Next Ekopanely boards are anchored in the same way.

    Seams can be filled by inserting compression insulation strips, or LOW expansion installation foam.

Pitched ceilings and loft conversion

  1. Loft conversion insulation
    Vapour permeable materials made from mineral fibres are used, which are placed onto a supporting structure. The thickness of the insulation layer should be chosen based on the overall required thermal resistance of the structure.
  2. Preparation and installation
    When using an Ekopanely board as a horizontal or slanted ceiling, it is important to keep to the following procedure. Make sure the base is even, i.e. level it off using an 800mm wooden grid.
  • fit the Ekopanely boards parallel to the wooden grid,
  • use EP 5x100mm screws with an EP-P1 washer,
  • use the recommended number of screws per m2 at the specified max. distance,
  • make sure that surface finishes are good quality.

Cladding a supporting structure

Ekopanely boards can be used to clad a wooden supporting structure. When building a family house, use Ekopanely boards to clad those structures as follows:

  • prerequisit: the supporting structure for the partition wall is built and must be anchored to the foundation,
  • insert the Ekopanely board on the outer side and anchor it to the supporting structure using EP 5x100mm screws with an EP-P1 washer,
  • on the other side insert the requisite thickness of thermal insulation between the pillars of the structure,
  • insert the Ekopanely board on the inner side and anchor it to the supporting structure using EP 5x100mm screws with an EP-P1 washer.

Houses and other buildings

A standard external wall made from Ekopanely boards consists of a first outer layer of Ekopanely boards, with thermal insulation on the inside in the required thickness, a second solid layer of Ekopanely boards, an installation gap, and a third layer of Ekopanely boards. This sandwich, with at least 140 mm of insulation, meets the requirements of a low-energy house.

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