Installation materials and tools

Installation materials and tools

Here you can find out more about what fasteners to use when working with Ekopanely boards and what tools and equipment you should always have on hand. Using the right materials and tools will make your job so much easier.


SP100 sealing tape (100mm)

All cut edges need to be carefully taped off. We strongly advise you to use this tape. It is in our price list.

UNI wall clip

This UNIversal wall clip is used when installing partition walls. It can also be modified for the installation of Ekopanely boards between one another, as well as for anchoring them to an existing wall. The clamp is therefore supplied flat and can be bent into shape depending on what it is to be used for. It can be found in our price list.

EP-P1 washer

Used in combination with the 5×100 mm woodscrew for installing Ekopanely boards onto a wooden structure (as ceilings, cladding, etc.).

EP 5×100 mm woodscrew

Ordinary woodscrews available in our range. This is used for installing Ekopanely boards onto a structure (as ceilings, cladding, etc.).

EP 4×50 mm woodscrew

Ordinary woodscrews available in our product range. This type of screw is used only to connect Ekopanely boards using UNI wall clips.

Installation tools and equipment

Hand circular saw (Mafell circular saw)

An important aid for cutting Ekopanely boards; can be used for transverse and longitudinal sections. We recommend using a specially modified blade, which can be find in our price list (we use high-quality professional saw blades).

Cordless Drill

Aku drills are useful when installing Ekopanely boards. This practical tool has almost everyone at home.

Ekopanely board ceiling jack

A simple yet very effective device to make it easier to fit level ceilings. This lifting jack enables you to comfortably and effortlessly install ceilings made from Ekopanely boards onto pre-prepared grids. It can be found in our product range.

Jig saw

For the final cuts we use standard jig saws. WE RECOMMEND getting a tried-and-tested type which can be found in our product range.

Hand circular saw (Mafell circular saw)

If you plan to carry an Ekopanely board for any distance, this aid will certainly make the job easier, making the panels far easier to carry. You can find it in our price list.

Other construction accessories

Recycled plastic block

This is a profile designed for creating the outer cladding base of the exterior walls which prevents water to rise into Ekopanels. It can be found in our product range.

Installation foam (low expansion insulation foam)

LOW expansion foam used for filling any seams between individual Ekopanely boards. It can be found in our price list.

Do you have a question? Do you need some advice?

Not sure if your tools or fasteners are suitable for Ekopanely boards? Call or write to us and we will be happy to advise you.


Other useful materials

Make the best of the know-how that we are making available to you and check out other useful materials that will help you when working with Ekopanely boards.

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