For professionals

For professionals

Welcome to the world of answers, advice and technical documents. Interested in business cooperation? Are you a builder, architect or developer? Take a look at important documents and find out more about how exactly Ekopanely boards work. Here you will find everything you need to know about the flawless installation of Ekopanely boards.

Do you need advice or guidance here and now? Read on for clear and complete information.

Working with Ekopanely boards requires that you follow a few simple and logical guidelines. We have put them down for you.

Download certificates, declarations and PDF brochures with just one click.

Handy tools

CAD drawings and certifications

We have CAD drawings to make working with Ekopanely boards easier. On request, we will send you the required CAD details and installation certificates.


Calculate how many Ekopanely boards you are going to need for your building, and the price.

Current price list of Ekopanely boards

Do you want to know how much your Ekopanely boards are going to cost you? Download our latest price list.

Why use ekopanely boards

6 reasons to use Ekopanely boards for your building

For architects

Are you an architect dedicated to green architecture? Ekopanely boards can become one of the cornerstones of your work. When combined with other natural materials, Ekopanely boards facilitate green housing that is in harmony with nature. The environment and people come first. We are happy to help you build a low-energy or passive wooden house free of emissions and harmful SOx and COx.

For developers

In today's turbulent times, every developer will appreciate the security and reliability we offer. The main raw material used for the production of Ekopanely boards is grown and processed in the Czech Republic, which means that we are minimally influenced from the outside. We can guarantee our clients prices, delivery times and volumes. In addition, by using Ekopanely boards you will reduce direct investment costs and, thanks to the time efficiency and simplicity of construction, also indirect costs during the construction of your project.

For designers

We know that a well-designed project is vital to both the investor and the client. That is why our designers will be happy to share their experience with you. We offer designers technical consultations and useful materials. Ekopanely boards create a pleasant and healthy microclimate and have excellent thermal insulation/accumulation and acoustic properties. Thanks to their excellent features, Ekopanely boards can give you a functional and low-cost solution.

For builders

Ekopanely boards can be used in both construction and renovation. Working with Ekopanely boards is easy and will speed up the entire construction process. Thanks to the fact that we supply Ekopanely boards in the dimensions that you need, you don’t have to spend time cutting them to size and there are no scraps. This saves you time and money. The Ekopanely board is a reliable building material that makes your work and life easier.


Tailor-made training courses

Do you want to learn how to use Ekopanely boards and would you like to get your hands on the working procedures? We’ll share all the know-how, tricks and tweaks that we’ve come up with over the past 20 years with you.


System solutions for all types of buildings

Ekopanely boards are a system solution and each project has its own characteristics, purpose, specifics and important technological procedures.


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