System Solutions

System Solutions

Structural solutions made of Ekopanely boards have a variety of applications: partitions, internal cladding structures, sandwich wall structures in house construction, suspended ceilings and slope walls. Take a look at the examples below.


System solutions for partitions

Due to the high mechanical resistance of the partitions, no load-bearing structure is required unless load transfer from other structures is required. We advise you order Ekopanely boards in the required length so that they do not have to be shortened later on.


Internal cladding of structures

Internal single cladding of an existing wall, which can be used as a wall cladding for both masonry and timber structures. For loft conversions, timber frames, log cabins or for timber-framed structures.


Sandwich wall construction in house construction

Ekopanely boards are suitable for the design of diffusion-open sandwich structures. Due to their insulating capabilities and full-span application, Ekopanely boards help cover thermal bridges in the structure.


Suspended ceilings and slopes

Ekopanely boards are suitable for the internal cladding of horizontal and slope structures, i.e. for creating internal suspended ceilings. In combination with thermal insulation, the thermal stability of the building is ensured.


We are happy to share our experience and know-how with you

Since we have been manufacturing and using Ekopanely boards for over 20 years, we know everything from A to Z. To help you get the job done properly, we’re only too happy to share this experience with you in the “Tips and Instructions” section.


The most frequently asked questions and answers about Ekopanely boards, their use and other topics.

Installation procedures

Using Ekopanely boards requires that you follow a few simple and logical guidelines. We have put them down for you.

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