Handling methods

Handling methods

How to process Ekopanely boards correctly so that its lifespan and quality are maximal throughout the entire period of use? Take a look at the simple instructions that will make your work faster and easier.


Work with an electric screwdriver or use a drill fitted with a screwdriver bit. Do not pre-drill! When installing onto a wooden structure, use 5×100 mm screws with an EP-P1 washer. Choose suitable torque to ensure that the washer does not tear the three-layer recycled cardboard. Use 4×50 mm screws to fasten the universal wall fitting clamp (UNI wall clamp).

Cutting and adjusting cutting edges

Using a circular or jig saw Ekopanely boards can easily be adjusted to the required size and shape. In order to shorten an Ekopanely board we recommend using a circular saw blade with Widia blade 250 mm in diameter, 32 alternating teeth – we recommend grinding it (we can provide you with the blade you need – just tell us the blade diameter you require).

Tape all cutting edges with the adhesive tape we supply, 100 mm in diameter. Tape the longitudinal section with a strip of cardboard and the cross-section with several overlapping strips of cardboard.

Cut-outs for electrical wiring

Cut the holes for electrical wiring boxes using a special jig saw drill 72 mm in diameter, which you can purchase from our firm. The 72 mm drilling hole is precisely prepared for the insertion of a universal box for hollow walls (type KI 68 L/1 or 2 or 3). Electrical boxes used must have minimum fire response Category E. This meets the standards for electrical wiring in Ekopanely boards.


Ekopanely boards can be grooved along the whole length. Make the grooves using a circular saw at an angle of 45°. In the transverse direction of the panel the length of the groove must not exceed 30 cm.

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Other useful materials

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